LaSean R. Shelton

LaSean Shelton

Dr. LaSean Rinique Shelton is an Educator specializing in “At Risk Youth” that present with comorbidities, her goal is to reach within and overcome the odds and excel by any means necessary.

She uses her past experience as a credentialed Drug and Alcohol counselor with over 14 years of proven experience in recovery counseling to help her students better understand how drugs and alcohol could exasperate their conditions.

Dr. Shelton is also CDC certified, certified by the State of DE as an HIV/AIDS/HPV counseling, Motivational Interviewing, Gang Related Populations, HIPAA, Confidentiality and Safety, At-Risk Population Counseling, Ex-Offender Vocational Counseling.

As an acclaimed international public speaker, community leader, and servant, radio personality, media strategist and published author of “Congratulations! You Just Lost Your J.O.B!” and “How About a Lifestyle Change!” LaSean has become a sought-after speaker in the industry as she is notorious for breaking barriers and creating stepping stones for the masses.

Coined as the Certified “Book Doula™”, Dr. Shelton assists yearning Authors to birth their book from inception to publishing–thus the name “doula”. She used this and other concepts to help those with her “Shatter Your Ceilings” Master Class and Master Series, these series include:

Financial Distress
Community and Social Issues
Self Esteem
Transformational Leadership
Birthing the Vision
Lifestyle and 
Mental Health and Physical Wellness

LaSean has served on multiple speakers associations and symposiums that taught the benefits of monetizing your worth on the web, being your brother’s keeper and rebranding series such as “It’s Not Over” Iron Sharpens Iron” and youth series that empowers self-esteem building and anti-gang/drug use. LaSean learned how to master the Media industry while simultaneously crushing traditional outlets.

LaSean has shared platforms with greats such as Les Brown, Dr. Willie Jolley, Dr. Tiana Von Johnson, Dr. George Frazier, Carl Stokes, Cheryl Wood and many more. LaSean has inspired over 100,000 lives with these combined events and over 1 million radio listeners and television viewers over the years.

She is currently encouraging the masses with her books “Congratulations! You just lost your J.O.B”, and “How About a Lifestyle Change!” She has traveled internationally inspiring many resulting in her message resonating on the airwaves, Social Media summits and beyond—she plans to do the same with her latest work, “Prerequisite to Adulting 101”–Everything you should’ve learned in school, but didn’t.

Dr. Shelton has also served as a contributing writer for several blogs, online magazines both National and International, hosted and co-hosted over 15 radio shows both terrestrial and the internet, hosted or co-hosted over 5 television talk shows and has a long-acting resume inclusive of movies and TV network shows.

LaSean Shelton Creating CLEAR SOLUTIONS

Dr. Shelton is here for you! Whether you are seeking a Transformational Coach, someone to awaken your agency through words or a push or consultation for your next book–LaSean Shelton is ready willing and able to take you to the next level with CLEAR goals!

C- Consistent

L- Lively

E- Earnest

A- Authentically


LaSean is prepared to shift, uplift or revitalize your situation through sessions, workshops or webinars. We specialize in the following populations:

  • Ex-Offenders

  • Recovering Addicts

  • Homeless/Displaced

  • At-Risk youth and adults

  • Corporate Settings

  • Private Sectors

  • Non-Profits

  • Schools

  • Institutions 

LaSean has earned many accolades including her tremendous contributions to the community over the last 15 years as well as studies from notable Universities; however, her most prized and celebrated of them all are her three children Anthony- Marc, JiHaad- Harmeen and Aliya-Bernice. She tirelessly teaches them to follow the word of God, be kind to others and to remember to love each other unconditionally despite of; and because of.


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