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How About a Lifestyle Change

Written by the compiling Author of “Congratulations! You Just Lost Your J.O.B!”, this book promises to address the issues that many whispers about while those in need seek the support that they need.


This book shares new insights, case studies and "lessons learned" from those that struggled from some form of addiction. The addictions depicted in this blazing hot book are:

• Shopping/ Financial Carelessness
• Eating
• Sex
• Drugs
• Alcohol
• Being Institutionalized and
• “The Church”


Readers will gain insight and means of developing ways to fortify their worth and seeking the inner natural high opposed to the outer fix many seek when placating the “void”. There is something in this book that one can gain from each of these phases:

• Acceptance: Removing the Compulsions
• Realization: Rebuilding the Inside 
• Reflection: Releasing the Transformed Lifestyle


Shelton shows hope in each chapter and section of the book because Shelton stresses that there is “Glory in Every Story” which is the title of her follow up book.




































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Prerequisite to "Adulting" 101
Everything you did not learn in School


The book "Prerequisite to Adulting 101" is a guide for students (and parents) that offers mandatory life lessons that every young adult needs to know and master for a successful transition to adulthood.

"Prerequisite to Adulting 101" teaches students basic things that should be known before they become an adult. This book covers everything from filing and understanding taxes as well as voters registration to balancing a checkbook while understanding finances.

"Prerequisite to Adulting 101" attempts to stop the cycle of shocked unprepared Adults that forces them to become dependent on others to take care of them.

On the contrary, the book "Prerequisite to Adulting 101" grooms students to learn the secret to unleash the guru of life they were born to be!!



The Journeys of Dedicated Entrepreneurs’, Compiled by LaSean Rinique, makes its case with plausible clarity; drawing on the experiences and successes of its authors, whom each have an affirming story to tell.

Losing your job can be traumatic. But it can also be the New Beginning to the rest of your life story. The authors from ‘CONGRATULATIONS! YOU JUST LOST YOUR JOB’ share their journeys from Employees to Entrepreneurs. This masterpiece is from a collection of dedicated Entrepreneurs that finally left the 40/40/40 Club. If you were struggling THEN, well you know the rest! Read about the joys of not having a J.O.B situation- Just Over Broke or Juggling Overdue Bills.

Many people say that they want to become an Entrepreneur; however, after a few no’s or failures, they mistake the process of growth and development as a failure. Perseverance, dedication, resiliency, trial, and error are part of the recipe for success. These authors range from those that tried every home-based business, failed miserably on a first attempt and some that became heartbroken when their J.O.B (sense of security) was pulled from under them. This book will make you rethink all those pre-conceived ideas and see how blessed you are to have lost your J.O.B. Imagine, you worked 40 hrs a week, for 40 years ONLY to receive 40% of your pay. If you struggled while earning it -what makes you think that retirement will be better?

Your boss at your J.O.B wants you to be well; however, you have to ask permission (or beg) to go to a dental appointment or doctors visit. Why should one have to choose between lost pay, burned up vacation days or their wellness? It just does not seem fair.

You cannot get your time back! How many recitals, plays, games, first steps, loose teeth and holidays did you miss with your family? Has time slipped away so fast that it seems like your child went from birth to college in one day? There is still time for a change.



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