Shatter Your Ceilings Conference 2019

The Inaugural Shatter Your Ceilings Conference 2019 will be held April 27th, at The Cathedral of Fresh Fire, 2300 Northeast Blvd, Wilmington DE 19802 from 10 am – 3 pm.

We recognize that a vibrant tomorrow begins with an energetic Conference that delivers spectacular results! Ambiguity, fear, grief, despair and lack of resources are the most rampant yet most taken for granted issue in many Communities.

It usually results from miscommunication or lack of representation, resources, or even a lack of interest due to internal or external conflicts. SYC19 recognizes that knowledge and resources could either make or break harmony and growth within a Community.


We choose to make a difference!

The Shatter Your Ceilings Conference 2019 is confident that these "Societal Conflicts" can be solved through empowerment and education. SYC19 will provide the empowerment and educational insight needed to re-engineer mindsets while breaking the barriers that keep us in mental bondage.

SYC19 have secured expert speakers from NYC, NJ, PA, DE,  MD, NC, SC,  and ATL!! These experts are looking to sow a wealth of information to those seeking transformation, inspiration, and motivation! Breakout sessions specific to the School to Prison Pipeline, overcoming the loss of a child, thriving past depression, entrepreneurship, and the single parent domestic violence, and more will be available for attendees.








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