This year, we are focused on donating to Revolve LLC, an Agency that focuses on Re-Entry for Ex-Offenders looking to become productive members of Society by offering:Trade and vocational experiences.  Our target goal is $600 to help with operation cost. Revolve is an employment and training agency that helps citizens with criminal backgrounds to seek, find, and retain employment. We at Revolve do not condone or support breaking the law or living a life of crime. However, we do support giving second chances to those citizens among us who, although they may have made mistakes in their lives, desire to change and become constructive members of society. We also recognize that just finding a job is not the “end all be all” to helping someone change their mindset completely. Read more Here 

Platinum Sponsors get all the benefits of the Diamond Sponsors with an added 6 months for branding, marketing and up to 20 interviews over a span of 6 months to further amplify the voice of the donor, plus, your company logo through out the event and (5) 30 second voice mentions from organizers. 

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