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We Need your HELP!!!

Prerequisite to Adulting 101 is a MUST have book for our Scholars attending Title-1 Funded Schools!


Our goal is to fill our schools Nationwide with PTA 101, which is ready to teach our Scholars how to matriculate to self-sustaining adults while teaching them concepts that will assist them will governing themselves despite cuts and lack of programming. 

Each purchase is a tax write-off and you will receive a thank you letter from the schools that received your gift! Even during the Summer, we will mail your book to Scholars in need; but again, we need your help! 

This book is an excellent addition for College-bound Students too!!

This book covers:

  • finance

  • car care

  • handling disappointments

  • purchasing a home

  • writing in cursive

  • how to cook

  • how to clean

  • forgiveness

  • soft skills

  • career exploration

  • choosing a college or trade school

  • how to use an atm

  • Voting

  • How to File taxes, and more

We are also available to train this as a course for your School or, augment vibrant teachers to teach this 12-week certificate course. Both come complete with a graduation, iPad, PTA 101 tee-shirt, and book. 

Purchase Prerequisite to Adulting 101 at a discounted rate to help our Scholars. It is tax-deductible!
(Receipt will be emailed) 

Thank you for helping us make a difference!