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Announcing the Class of 2020 New Castle County Prom

Delawares FIRST Collaboration County Prom–We are all in this together, so let’s celebrate that way!

It blew the State of Delaware, and other States, away with COVID-19 taking away the Senior year of well-deserved graduates! Senior Trips canceled, Senior College Reveal Day virtual, Proms, canceled, and graduations are in limbo.

Many Seniors had to resort to online celebrations, TikTok Virtual Prom “Don’t Rush Challenges” and so much more! Many Seniors who could not wait to embrace the moment lamented at the fact that their Senior year was cut tremendously short.

This was until the mother of a Senior, LaSean R. Shelton reached out to Sponsors and venues to collaborate the “2020 We’re All in this Together Senior Prom” covering Scholars in the New Castle County sector of Delaware.

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